Aaron ErricoがIJGAでThe First Tee Training Programに参加!

この度The First Teeとインターナショナルジュニアゴルフアカデミー(IJGA)のパートナーシップにより、IJGAで行われたThe First Tee Training Programに47名のジュニアゴルファーが参加してきました!


また今年はThe First Tee of Fort Worthの参加者でゲストブロガーでもあるAaron Erricoが、今回のトレーニングプログラムについて下記のように感想をシェアしてくれています。


Aaron Erricoより:

IJGAのサマーキャンプではThe First Teeのサポートを受け、素晴らしいゴルフトレーニングを体験することができました。私にとってThe First Teeを代表すること、そして今回のように世界中からジュニアが集まるこのような大きな場所でプログラムに参加できたことにはとても意味があり光栄なことです。The First Teeの他の参加者もとても礼儀正しく責任感がある方ばかりでした。


私がいたグループには他にもThe First Teeからきたジュニアゴルファーがおり、みんなとても楽しい時間を過ごすことができました。The First Teeの代表としてその象徴的な姿をみせることができたと感じます。

お互いの名前を覚えるためにニックネームをつけて呼びあったり、コースではバスケットボールやビーチバレーをして遊んだり、KFCのGo Cupsを食べに行ったりしました。

私を担当してくれたコーチはフロリダ州にあるDivision IIの大学でも指導をしているそうで、スイングや他の技術にもすぐ上達が見られました。私自身、以前から改善が必要なところに気づいており、コーチから的確な指示を受けてスキルアップすることを望んでいたところでした。また大学進学についてもアドバイスをもらうことができ、キャンプに参加する前に比べて格段に自信がついたように感じます。



Thanks to a partnership between The First Tee and International Junior Golf Academy (IJGA), 47 lucky junior golfers were selected to attend The First Tee Training Program at IJGA earlier this month in Hilton Head, S.C.

The teens received daily instruction on all aspects of the golf game from IJGA instructors, as well as attended mental training, fitness training and college placement sessions.

This year, Aaron Errico, a participant with The First Tee of Fort Worth, was a guest blogger during The First Tee Training Program at IJGA. Below he shares his thoughts on the event and what he took away from the coaches and instructors regarding his golf game.

By Aaron Errico

The IJGA Summer Camp was a great golf experience, and I was extremely honored to attend with support from The First Tee. It means a lot to me to represent The First Tee, and to do so at such a large venue with people from around the world means so much more. As always, all of the other participants from The First Tee were respectful and responsible.

I was intrigued by the IJGA because of the golf instruction and the overall golf preparation. To receive training from the teachers and the coaches that were invited was quite the honor.

My golf group included junior golfers from other chapters of The First Tee. We had a lot of fun and I feel that our group was a great representation of the organization.

We gave nicknames for each other so we could remember the names easily. We also had fun of the golf course, whether it was playing basketball or sand volleyball, or going to KFC and getting Go Cups.

I learned a lot from our coach, who was a college coach at a Division II school in Florida, and I have already seen improvements in my swing and game. I knew I had some flaws that were holding me back, and I was hoping to receive some pointers that would help me move forward in my game. I also wanted to get some advise for college, and I received both from the coach-now I feel much more confident with my game than before I attended the camp.

Overall, the camp was great and I feel that even though I was only there a week, I learned more than I could have on my own. I would recommend for anyone who is interested in college golf or striving for college golf to apply for the IJGA camp.