Alumni Stephanie Meadow off to a solid Spring Semester with Alabama!(卒業生、ステファニー・ミドウが春学期からアラバマへ)

Although her fellow Northern Ireland golfer Rory McIllroy could not sustain his lead this weekend at the Masters, Stephanie Meadow has been making her country and Hank Haney IJGA very proud of her.

Stephanie and her parents moved to Hilton Head Island so that Stephanie could complete her high school in the United States, train diligently with her golf, receive tournament competition and work towards a college golf scholarship. All of which she has achieved now as a freshman at Univeristy of Alambama.

Stephanie attended Hank Haney IJGA and Heritage Academy for four years, 2006 -2010. While a student at Hank Haney IJGA, Stephanie competed on the International Junior Golf Tour where she posted 9 wins, in the 2008-09 season her scoring average was 70.66 with a low round of 65. During this stellar season she also won the IJGT Tournament of Champions. During her High School golf career, Stephanie also played on the AJGA where she was a two-time Rolex Junior All-American. She had nine career AJGA top-10 Finishes including a win at the AJGA Junior at Innisbrook.

Not just a star on the course, Stephanie was also a star at Heritage Academy where she maintained a GPA of 4.66 and was the saluatorian of the 2010 graduating class

Although Stephanie has moved onto the University of Alabama this year, you can still see Stephanie at the range at Pinecrest on her breaks working with her coach – Matt Fields.

We look forward to following Stephanie through her collegiate career and on! Good Luck Stephanie!


ステファニーとご家族は、アメリカの高校を卒業し、ゴルフの練習やトーナメントに参加し、大学にゴルフの奨学生として入学するため、ヒルトン・ヘッドに引っ越してきました。 そして現在、彼女はアラバマ大学の1年生として、それらすべて成し遂げました。

ステファニーは、2006年から2010年の4年間、IJGAとヘリテイジ・アカデミーに在籍しました。IJGA生の時には、2008年から2009年のシーズン中にIJGTで9回優勝をし、65ラウンドと少ないラウンドの平均スコアは70.66でした。また、この素晴らしいシーズン中にIJGTのチャンピオン大会でも優勝しました。高校在学中、ステファニーは、AJGAにも参戦し、ロレックス・ジュニア・オール・アメリカン賞を2度獲得しています。 イニスブルックスでのAJGA大会での勝利を含めると、AJGAの大会で上位10位以内に9回入っています。