Hank Haney IJGA Announces Spring 2010 College Signings(2010年、春の大学奨学金契約が始まりました)

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SC–Hank Haney International Junior Golf Academy (Hank Haney IJGA), located on Hilton Head Island, SC, is proud to announce the spring 2010 College Signings. In all, Hank Haney IJGA has a total of 23 college signings which include top collegiate golf programs for NCAA Division I, II, and III as well NAIA and international institutions. Select college signings include Greg Schmaus (University of Houston), Stephanie Eybers (St. John’s University), Brian Goff (Hofstra University), Frank Kao (IUPUI), Michael Balzer (IUPUI), and Andy Jimenez (George Washington University).

For the students, it has been an exciting time leading up to the April 1st signing date.

“We have all worked so hard to improve our golf games and play at the next level. It feels great to be recognized for this accomplishment and I look forward to the next chapter in my golf career,” stated Schmaus. He will try to follow in the footsteps of University of Houston golf team alumni such as Fred Couples, Steve Elkington, and Bruce Lietze. The University of Houston has won a total of 16 NCAA Division I national championships.

“We are very proud of all of our seniors and post graduates for their work in the classroom and on the course. Their hard work and dedication has helped them to reach the next level and we wish them the best of luck next season,” said Katy Heher, Hank Haney IJGA Director of College Placement.

“I know these young men and women will represent Hank Haney IJGA and Heritage Academy with great success next year. We look forward to following their careers in the future.” Heher has worked closely with each student over the past ten months to develop a resume, tournament schedule.

“When I first came to Hank Haney IJGA a few years ago, I was shooting in the mid-80’s. Now, I am consistently shooting in the mid to low 70’s. Hank Haney IJGA has provided me the finest in golf instruction and helped to improve my game to get noticed by college coaches. The Heritage Academy has properly prepared me for rigorous collegiate academics,” said Eybers. She will be receiving a full golf scholarship to Big East powerhouse, St. John’s University, located in New York.

On Thursday, April 8th, Hank Haney IJGA recognized all 23 signings at a ceremony held at Pinecrest Golf Club in Bluffton, SC. In the fall, Hank Haney IJGA recognized two signings during the early period including Stephanie Meadow (University of Alabama) and Richard Werenski (Georgia Tech University). Werenski enrolled at Georgia Tech in January and Meadow will begin her career with the Crimson Tide in the fall.

ヒルトン・ヘッド・アイランド — IJGAから春の大学奨学金契約について発表させて頂きます。

IJGAは、NCAA(National Collegiate Athletic Association=全米大学競技協会)Division  I、II、III 、NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletes=全米大学運動選手協会)などを含め、23人の学生が大学と奨学金契約を結びます。グレッグ・シュマウス(ヒューストン大学)、ステファニー・エイバース(セントジョンズ大学)、ブライアン・ゴフ(ホフストラ大学)、フランク・カオ(IUPUI)、マイケル・バルザー(IUPUI)、アンディー・ジメンズ(ジョージワシントン大学)が代表的な大学です。


「私たちはゴルフの上達に努力してきました。この結果をとても嬉しく思います。そして私のゴルフキャリアにおいて、次のステージに進めることを楽しみにしています。」とシュマウスは述べています。ヒューストン大学のゴルフチームの卒業生、フレッド・カプルス、スティーブ・エルキントン、ブルース・リッツェの後継者として頑張ろうとしています。ヒューストン大学は、NCAA Division Iで16回優勝している名門校です。


「この学生たちは未来のIJGAとHeritage Academyの成功を表しています。彼らの将来のゴルフキャリアを心から楽しみにしています。」と語るヘーハーは、各学生と約10ヶ月間にわたって密に連絡を取り合い、履歴書やトーナメントスケジュールを作成してきました。